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Green and Environmental
Protection, Resource Regeneration, Biomass "Zero Carbon" Energy Industry Upgrading

热华能源“卧式循环流化床燃烧成套技术”斩获“发明创业奖项目奖”金奖 2024-02-02 开年大吉!!!元旦日喜迎168小时顺利验收通关 2024-01-02 封顶大吉!禾洁项目锅炉主体全面吊装就位 2024-01-15 企业动态丨热华能源受邀参加兴化产业园区规划发展推介会 2024-01-17 双乐股份(301036)35t/h生物质锅炉开工大吉 2024-01-23 企业资讯 | 兴化热华2024年春节后开工第一课 2024-03-01 工程通讯|双乐项目“第一柱”顺利吊装就位 2024-03-04 热华能源、北京衡燃赴泰山集团考察交流 2024-03-21 行业资讯 | 生物质能源已被列入《2024年绿色低碳转型产业指导目录》 2024-03-22 工程通讯|永强节能(831502)嘉善项目本体无损检测一次通过率100% 2024-03-25 行业资讯|4月1日起,电网将不再承担可再生能源电量全额收购义务 2024-03-26 总局特设局:《〈锅炉安全技术规程〉第1号修改单(征求意见稿)》《〈气瓶安全技术规程〉第1号修改单(征求意见稿)》公开征求意见 2024-04-01 快讯丨河北热华锅炉有限公司锅炉安装许可证顺利通过评审 2024-04-02 行业资讯|市场监管总局办公厅发布关于落实《锅炉绿色低碳高质量发展行动方案》的实施意见 2024-04-07 To serve the Belt and Road Initiative, "Made in China" should be like this. 2023-09-19 Baixiang Nowva Holds the Q3 Production and Operation Summary Meeting 2023-10-10

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Green Energy Leader and Innovation Driver

Founded in 2007, Nowva Energy is a national enterprise crowned with specialized and innovative "Little Giant". It's also a national high-tech enterprise and Beijing intellectual property demonstration unit. The company has been focusing on clean and efficient biomass energy utilization and committing to becoming a global leader in this field. The major product, Horizontal Circulating Fluidized Bed boiler (HCFBB), its related technology has been granted nearly 100 patents totally, 37 out of which are invention patents. This technology tops worldwide and fills the gap in this field. It obtained lots of national and provincial awards. For decades, the company has provided boilers and services for large state-owned enterprises such as China Tobacco Group, Sinopsin Group, CoFCO Group, etc. Currently, there are more than 100 project achievements and the products sell well worldwide.

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Xinghua Nowva Energy Co., Ltd


Horizontal Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler

Four "Ultra" Characteristics: Ultra-wide fuel applicability, ultra-high combustion thermal efficiency, ultra-long operation period and less maintenance, ultra-low environmental operation investment.

Innovation Technology: ≤35t/h of capacity. It solves the worldwide problem that fluidized bed boilers are difficult to miniaturize and fills the gaps in this field.

Horizontal Structure: The single-stage furnace of the conventional vertical circulating fluidized bed boiler is extended to the three staged furnaces, and a unique horizontal structure of "three beds and two returns" is formed.

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Through successful customer cases, you can learn how Nowva Energy helps customers understand the pain points in development and achieve business success. You can also explore how enterprises in various industries drive their innovations at all levels by using our product.


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